Portal Help

The following features are made available within the Member Portal.
Click on a feature to view its manual:

Sign Up

Auto Signup 
Provides the ability for users to sign up for a portal account.

Submitting & Updating Tickets

What to Know Before Entering Tickets 
Provides users with helpful information regarding a locate request.

Submit Ticket 
Provides users with an interface to create locate requests.

Update Ticket 
Provides users the ability to submit updates & remarks on existing locate request.

Copy Ticket 
Provides the user the ability to replicate an existing ticket into their company’s name.

Searching Tickets

Find Tickets 
Provides users with an interface to search for existing tickets.

My Tickets & My Company Tickets
Provides users the ability to view daily tickets the user has processed & batch tickets processed by their company.

Ticket Status Icons
Provides the user a visual aid as to the status of their ticket.

Ticket Diagram
Provides the user information on how to read MS811 Locate Request.

Positive Response

Submit Response
Allows member utility companies to submit information to MS811, regarding the status of the utility locating process.

Check Locate Status
Allows excavators to review the response status information for their locate request tickets.

Resend Tickets

Provides members the ability to perform tasks on queue items that they appear on.


Provides members the ability to execute several report options.

Instructional Videos

Web Portal Videos
Provides users with a number of helpful instructive Web Portal videos.