About Us

Who we are

Mississippi 811, Inc. (MS811) is a non-profit organization providing underground utility notification service under Mississippi Code of 1972, Chapter 13, Sections 77-13-1 through 77-13-23. MS811 is a computerized information center located in Pearl which establishes a statewide communications link between those who dig (excavators) and those who own and operate underground facilities (operators) in Mississippi. The information center is funded by member utility companies operating or maintaining underground facilities throughout the state. Members of MS811 are operators engaged in the communications, Gas Transmission, Gas Distribution, Electric Power, Products/Pipeline, Municipal Gas/Water/Sewer, cable TV, and other industries.

The law requires excavators, contractors, builders and private citizens who are going to drill, blast, dig and/or bore to notify Mississippi 811, Inc. prior to any of these activities in order to prevent damage to underground facilities, injury and death to citizens and the curtailment of vital services. Upon receiving a notification of intent to excavate, MS811 will notify any affected member utility companies who will send an employee or representative to the dig site and mark where the underground facilities are, so they may be avoided.  Prior to the existence of MS811, a contractor or homeowner had to make many calls in order to notify the utility companies. In doing so, a contractor or homeowner might easily miss notifying a utility company and fail to alert all the utility companies that have underground facilities in the area.

Mission Statement

To receive excavation and demolition location information from excavators, contractors, builders, and private citizens who are going to dig, drill, blast, bore and to disseminate this information to our members in any attempt, through teamwork to:

  • Promote a higher level of public safety
  • Reduce underground utility damages
  • Minimize utility service interruption
  • Reduce on the job injuries and worse
  • Protect the environment

Our organization is only as good as its people, the effort they put forth and how they interact and work together. At MS811, one will find people of high ability and professionalism working as a team. People who demonstrate mutual trust and respect the dignity of the individual. We value diversity. Our people believe in innovation, both in equipment and the way we do things. Our people also believe in utilizing their abilities to the fullest and in putting forth extra effort.

Our History

Mississippi One-Call System, Inc. began in June of 1984 with 43 members. In 1985, our first full year of operation, we received 22,178 incoming calls and processed 62,131 outgoing tickets. By 1996, those numbers had grown to 114,327 incoming locate requests and 387,481 outgoing tickets processed and by 2006 those numbers had grown to 279,073 incoming locate requests and 1,165,740 outgoing tickets processed. On July 1, 2008 the law was changed to require that all operators who have underground utility lines or underground facilities within the State of Mississippi be a member of Mississippi 811, Inc. In April, 2009, our membership voted to change our name from “Mississippi One-Call System, Inc.” to “Mississippi 811, Inc.”

The future promises continued growth and exciting new challenges and MS811 is poised and ready to continue to meet the challenge.